General sales conditions



(in force on 09/06/16)


These General Terms of Sale (hereafter the ‘GTS’) form the basis of the commercial negotiation between TAITTINGER CCVC, a simplified joint-stock company incorporated under French law with share capital of 344,037,900 Euros, with its registered office at 9 Place Saint Nicaise, Reims (51100), registered on the Reims Trade and Companies Register under the number 490 341 062, Activity Code : 1102A, intra-community VAT : FR59490341062 (hereafter the ‘Company’) and its physical person customers aged over 18 (hereafter “the Customer”) within the exclusive framework of all the on-line ticket sale contracts concluded between our company and its customers via the website (hereafter “the Website”).

Any order by a Customer of a Tour Plan (hereafter ‘the Tour Plan’)  made on the dedicated online ticket sale pages on the website managed by TAITTINGER CCVC is exclusively subject to these General Terms of Sale.


The Customer states that he/she read these General Terms of Sale before confirming his/her order. The validation of the order is valid as complete and unreserved acceptance of the General Terms of Sale.


The Company reserves the right to adapt or change these General Terms of Sale at any time. In the event of modification, the General Terms of Sale inforce on the day the order is placed will apply.





The purpose of these General Terms of Sale is to define the contractual provisions between the Company and the Customer and the conditions which apply to any Ticket order made on the Website





The following Tour Plans which are subject to these General Terms of Sale are offered for sale online :

- L’INSTANT PREMIER (Tour + Glass of Brut Réserve),

- L’INSTANT DEVOILE (Tour + Glass of Brut Réserve + Glass of another vintage of choice),

- L’INSTANT SIGNE (Tour + Glass of Brut Réserve + Glass of Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs),

- L’INSTANT ABSOLU (Tour + Glass of Brut Réserve + Glass of Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs + Glass of another vintage of choice).

The Customer is informed, in real time, when he/she places the order, of the availability of the Tour Plans, according to the date, the desired time and language.





The prices of the Tour Plans are given on the website when the order is placed. They are given in euros net of tax unless the contrary is stipulated on the Website.

The total price when the order is validated is the final price inclusive of all tax and management charges. It is repeated in the email which confirms and summarizes the order.

The Company reserves the right to modify its tariffs at any time without notice. The Tour Plans will be invoiced on the basis of the tariffs in force on the date the orders are recorded.

The site offers several tariffs which depend on the type of tour and the age or status of the person with the right of entry. Visitors who are entitled to a reduced tariff must present a piece of identity and substantiating documents at the entrance. If the documents requested are not presented the adult tariff will automatically apply and the Tour department’s personnel can demand the correct money.





The Customer declares beforehand that he or she has the capacity to enter into this contract which is formalised by the acceptance of these GTS and the confirmation of the order and that he/she is not subject to any prohibition or exclusion notably relating to age and/or the consumption of alcoholic beverages, under any applicable law.


Only individual Tour Plans are offered for sale online on the Website. The total number of Tour Plans per purchase are restricted to the number of places available which will be indicated for each Tour and services.


Registration on the website is an obligatory prerequisite for entitlement to the online sale of services. The fields of the registration forms followed by an asterisk must be completed, otherwise the Company cannot process the registration request.


A ticket (hereafter the “Ticket”) will be issued covering all the Tour Plans ordered for each order.


The Customer must ensure that he or she possesses the necessary software and hardware configuration for purchasing and printing the Ticket before placing an order.

To validate an order each Customer must identify him or herself after previously creating a secure account (the “Account”) with a login and password (the “Identifiers”). These Identifiers are personal and confidential. The content of the order can be changed providing payment has not been made, by clicking on the “See/Change the basket” button. The Customer validates the order by clicking on the “Validate” button after checking and, if necessary, modifying the contents of the basket. The Customer must ensure that the choices match his/her wishes and that the contact details are correct.


Once the contents of the order have been validated, the Customer must confirm it. The Customer must read and accept these GTS in order to be transferred to the online payment platform. After the Customer has completed the necessary bank information, the Customer must validate and accept the payment of the order, which will only be final and binding after the payment has been recorded. The order then becomes irrevocable and can only be contested by the Customer under certain conditions which are restrictively listed below.


After the payment is confirmed, an acknowledgement of receipt of the order and a summary of its  contents and price is sent to the Customer by email. In accordance with article L121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, the purchase of an online ticket is comparable to a leisure service which is not subject to the statutory right to retract set out in article L121-20 of the same Code. The sale will only be considered to be final and binding after the Company has cashed the whole of the price.


The Ticket is available as soon as the payment is confirmed in the “Your orders” section of the Customer’s Account. The Ticket is valid for one or more Tour Plans comprising a specific service, according to the day, the tour times and a tasting session for one or several different qualities of Champagne and a presentation language by the guide, chosen by the Customer according to availability and the terms on the Website. The Customer must keep the Ticket throughout his or her tour and produce it when requested by the Company’s personnel as well as before, during or at the end of the tour, notably to enable the personnel to identify the type of tasting ordered by the Customer, and offered at the end of the tour.





5.1 Terms of payment

The payment for the Ticket by the Customer is made exclusively in full online in cash, by bankcard on the date the order is placed by the customer by secure payment in euros.

Immediately the transaction has been performed, the Customer can obtain a summary of the order by logging onto his or her customer account.


5.2 Payment security

The Company uses the services of the Stripe company for any payment made on the website which is equipped with an online payment system which encrypts the customer’s bankcard number.

At the end of the transaction, the payment receipt is automatically consultable by the Customer on his or her account, accessed using the Customer’s Identifiers. If the payment centre refuses payment, the order is automatically cancelled.





The Ticket order is only confirmed and is only binding on the Company after the email confirming that the order has been properly validated is received.

The confirmation email acknowledges receipt of the order and contains a link to the Customer’s private area enabling the Ticket to be downloaded.





The ticket is delivered to the Customer’s private area, and must be downloaded on mobile or printed out on white A4 format paper, and the bar codes and endorsements must be perfectly legible.





8.1 Access to the Tours

All tickets are systematically controlled on entrance to the site. This control involves scanning the barcodes on the Ticket. The ticket is personal and non-transferable and must be kept up to the end of the tour.


The Customer must be at the Tours reception at least 15 minutes before the time stipulated on the Ticket.

Access to the site of the tour is not guaranteed after the time the tour starts, and will not result in any refund by the Company.


The Customer undertakes to hand his or her ticket to the guide before the tour starts. In default, the Customer can be refused the tour and cannot claim a refund or an indemnity of any kind whatsoever.


Any ticket which is partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible will not be accepted.


The personnel of the Company’s Tour service reserve the right to control the identity of any person benefiting from a reduced rate or a gratuity. The following are accepted as proof of identity: identity card, passport, driving licence, student card.


The Ticket is only valid for the tour and the period mentioned on the order.

If one of the conditions stipulated in this article 8 is disregarded the Company reserves right to refuse access to the tour concerned.


Finally the Company’s personnel reserve the right to refuse access to the tours and inside the Company in general to any person who is considered could present a danger to themselves or to other people and to property of the Company and third parties.


8.2 Fraudulent use – loss – theft of tickets s      

It is strictly prohibited to duplicate or counterfeit a Ticket in any way whatsoever.

Any person who illegally copies a ticket and/or uses a counterfeit ticket will be liable to criminal proceedings.

The Company will refuse access to the site to any holder of a Ticket with a barcode which has already been scanned.

It is strictly prohibited to sell a ticket for a price which is higher than the price shown on the face of the Ticket.


TAITTINGER CCVC disclaims all liability if the Ticket is lost or stolen including inside the site.





Article L 121-21-8 of the Consumer Code states that the purchase of an online ticket is comparable to a leisure service which is not covered by the statutory right to retract.


Issued Tickets can never be exchanged or refunded unless the Company cancels the service to which the Ticket gives entitlement, under the terms set out below.

Nevertheless the Company cannot be liable if it cancels a visit for a case of force majeure as defined in article 11.


If the Company cancels the service shown on the Ticket, it will do its utmost to contact the Customer to inform him or her and if possible, propose the postponement of the service concerned. This new proposal must be of an equivalent quality and price to the cancelled service. If postponement is impossible or the Customer expressly refuses, the Customer can be refunded for the services which could not be performed, within thirty (30) days from the cancellation date of the tour at the latest. The Customer must claim this within three (3) months from the date of cancellation or modification by sending the Ticket and the name and address of his bank and account details (Bank Account Details Form and bankcard number with its expiration date), to the exclusion of any other compensation or indemnity whatsoever, by email to or by letter sent to TAITTINGER CCVC – Tours Service – 9, Place Saint Nicaise – 51100 Reims.


If the Customer cancels the tour, any sums which the Customer has paid to the Company will be kept by TAITTINGER CCVC without prejudice to any damages which it could claim for the loss suffered by the cancellation.

Any Tour Plan which is purchased gives entitlement to a tour and to one or several Champagne tastings depending on the Tour Plan chosen. The Customer cannot demand a refund, even a partial refund of the price, if the Customer only consumes part of the services, for any reason whatsoever. In particular, the Customer will not be entitled to any refund, even a partial refund of the price for the non-consumption of Champagne whose price is included in the purchased Tour Plan.





The Company undertakes to perform the order paid by the Customer subject to the provisions of article 7, 8, and 9 above and the Customer undertakes to respect all of his or her obligations under this agreement.

The Customer undertakes to respect any instruction which is given by the Company’s personnel concerning the organisation and performance of the tour. The Customer must comply with any regulation, provision or instruction whilst he or she is on the Company’s premises. It is strictly prohibited for Customers to go to the Cellars without being invited and without being accompanied by a guide. It is also prohibited for the Customer to go to or move around secure areas reserved for the Company’s personnel, unaccompanied. In addition the Customer must remain with the visiting group throughout the duration of visit.

If an incident occurs, whether this results in the evacuation of the visit site or more broadly the Company’s site, or not, the Customer undertakes to comply with the instructions given by the guide or any agent appointed by the Company who has received appropriate training for this.





The Company reserves the right to modify or to cancel all or part of the services ordered by the Customer on the site without paying any penalty or indemnity, if it is forced to by events of force majeure as defined by French law. In this case, the Company can propose a new tour  or reimburse the Customer as specified in paragraph 3 of article 9 without this giving the Customer any right to any indemnity or compensation whatsoever.





12.1 The Customer’s liability.

The Customer must check the Ticket and the confirmation of the online purchase.

The Customer is solely liable for the use which he or she, his or her relations and third parties make of tickets sold as well as the Identifiers attributed to the Customer when the Customer’s account is created. Tours by children under the age of 18 are performed under the liability of their parents or accompaniers.

The Client will be liable for any direct or indirect damage which his or her presence may cause on the Company’s premises, whether to the Company’s personnel, and/or clientele and/or its movable and immovable property.

The Company informs the Customer and expressly warns him or her that the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health and alcohol must be consumed with moderation. The Customer acknowledges that he/she has been previously informed of this and is therefore asked to be careful and responsible when consuming and especially if the Customer will be using a motor vehicle at the end of the tasting. The Company disclaims all liability for this.



The Company cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or damage inherent in using the Website, notably for suspension of service, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses. The Company can avoid all or some of its liability by proving that the non-performance or poor performance of the contract is attributable to the Customer, or to a third party unconnected to the supply of the services stipulated in the GTS or a case of Force Majeure.


The Company disclaims all liability for any damage suffered by the Customer due to his/her  imprudence, negligence or fault. The Company cannot be held liable for the loss or theft of a ticket or for its fraudulent use as well as for the illicit use of the Customer’s Identifiers and/or fraudulent use of the Customer’s account. The Company disclaims all liability for loss to the Customer if objects or equipment brought by the Customer are stolen if they have not been deposited on the premises set aside for this by the Company.

In accordance with article L 121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, the Company is automatically liable to the consumer for the Correct performance of the obligations resulting under a contract concluded at distance.





The Customer is asked to provide personal data when the order is placed.

This personal data is the subject of computer processing which is declared to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) under the number 1925489 by TAITTINGER CCVC, and is intended to be used for processing and tracking the Customer’s order, marketing relations, prospection and the Company’s statistics.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 as amended you benefit from a right to access rectify and delete personal data concerning you. You can also oppose the same data being processed for legitimate reasons.


If you wish to exercise these rights you can either write to :





Legal Department

09, Place Saint Nicaise

51100 Reims




The content of the Website is owned by TAITTINGER CCVC. It is protected by French international laws relating to intellectual property. Any total or partial reproduction of this content is strictly limited and can constitute an offence of infringement.

The Customer does not acquire any ownership right or utilisation right and cannot use the names, signs, emblems, logos, trademarks, copyright and other signs or other copyright or industrial property owned by the Company, the subsidiaries in its Group within the meaning of article L.233-1 of the Consumer Code, or by third parties whose works or creations may be displayed in the toured premises covered by these GTS. The Customer is therefore prohibited from infringing them in any way whatsoever.


It is also specified that the use of cameras/camcorders and/or smart phones to capture and record images, videos or sound inside the Company’s premises is tolerated during the tours providing the Customer uses these photos, videos or sounds for a strictly private and non-collective use (publication on social networks notably). Consequently the Customer undertakes not to publish them outside his or her strictly private circle and guarantees the Company accordingly. If the pictures, videos or sounds which are captured and recorded by the customer are published irrespective of whether this is due to the Customer’s action or not, the Company can be held liable by the Company and/or by the holder of the intellectual property rights who has suffered prejudiced through this publication.





The Company uses ‘cookies’ to facilitate your browsing on the, website. A cookie is used to record information relating to browsing by users but does not enable the users to be identified.


The configuration of the browsing software enables the presence of cookies to be notified as well as the option of refusing them is described on the following page : The Customer has a right to access, withdraw or modify the personal information which is communicated via cookies by contacting the Company at the following address :





Legal Department

09, Place Saint Nicaise

51100 Reims





For any questions concerning using the Website, the services connected to the Tour Plans, their  conditions of use and the terms and conditions of order and/or delivery, the Customer can contact TAITTINGER CCVC’s Visits Department from Monday to Fridays from […] to […] :

  • By telephone :
  • By email :
  • By letter : TAITTINGER CCVC – Tours Service – 9, Place Saint Nicaise – 51100 Reims.


Any complaint must be put in writing and as far as possible made within fifteen (15) days following the date of the visit and sent to TAITTINGER CCVC – Tours Service – 9, place Saint Nicaise - 51100 Reims, in order to facilitate processing. Copies of documents proving the tour must be supplied with the claim in order to avoid any dispute.


The fact the Company does not invoke any one of these terms for a given period cannot be interpreted as being a waiver of the right to subsequently invoke the term or the other terms in general.





The online sale of tickets on the website and these GTS is subject to French law to the exclusion of any other law or treaty.


Any dispute concerning their formation, performance and interpretation must be settled amicably by the Company’s visit department.

If the dispute persists, and an amicable settlement is not reached, it can be submitted to the competent court of the city of Reims.





The Customer acknowledges that he/she received disclosure of these GTS and any information mentioned in article L.121-17 of the Consumer Code in a clear and understandable way before concluding the contract and in particular :

- the main characteristics of the proposed services, appropriate to the communication medium used and the services concerned ;

- on the professional (company name, geographical address of the site and telephone number) ;

- the total price of the services inclusive of all taxes and if necessary all additional costs ;

- the terms and conditions of payment, performance and the terms for processing complaints

- the reminder of the statutory guarantee for the conformity of the services, the existence of an after- sales service and sales guarantees, where appropriate, as well as the conditions relating to them ;

- the term of the contract, the conditions for terminating the contract.

The customer expressly acknowledges that when a physical person places an order on the TAITTINGER CCVC website, this order entails the complete adherence and acceptance of these GTS, and the Customer notably waives relying on any other contradictory document which would be invalid against the Company.